Cookie information

What are cookies ?

Cookies are small packets of information that can be placed on your computer when you access a web page.  On the majority of today's web sites, cookies provide a key role in bringing to you the functionality that you expect to find available, such as the ability to log in, add items to a shopping basket on an e-commerce site, etc.

An example of a commonly used cookie is a 'session identifier' that uniquely identifies your computer to the web server as you navigate through the various pages of the site.  On a web site where you are required to log in, the inability to store a session identifier cookie on your computer would make it very difficult to preserve your logged in status as you navigated between the various pages.

Why are you telling me this ?

Under EU law, it is forbidden for a web site to create cookies on a person's computer without providing clear advice as to their content and purpose and how their presence can be controlled.

What cookies will be created on my computer by if I give consent ?

If you click the "I'm ok with cookies" button, the following cookies will be created on your computer -

This session identifier cookie is a small text string of random letters and numbers.  It is used to uniquely identify your computer to the web server for the duration of your usage of the web service.  Without this cookie, it is not possible for the web server to remember your computer as you move from page to page.  There is no personally identifiable information in this cookie.  This cookie expires from your computer approximately 7 days after your last access to this web site.  It is recreated with a new random value each time you open your web browser and reconnect to this web site.
This cookie is created to indicate that you have given consent for this site to create cookies on your computer.
It expires automatically from your computer after one year and you will then be prompted again for your consent to the usage of cookies.

What it I don't want to give consent ?

The PHPSESSID cookie perfoms an essential role in the implementation of the login facility of this web site.  If you are not prepared to consent to its creation, then sorry, you will only be able to view the site home page.

More information on cookies may be found on the ICO web site.


Page last updated: 30th May 2018